6 Ways to prepare your smile for the party season

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6 Ways to prepare your smile for the party season

Christmas parties are fun, but they can be stressful, too. You want to look your best, so that means finding a new outfit and getting your hair done.

You might also be feeling less than confident about your smile, but with little time to go and most of your money put aside for Christmas presents, what can you do to improve it? The answer is, a lot! 

There are a number of treatments that can transform your smile in no time at all, and don’t cost the earth. Read on to learn about the top 6 dental treatments for getting a party-ready smile in time for Christmas. 

  • Teeth cleaning and stain removal

People look at their discoloured teeth and think they’ll need extensive treatment to fix them, but often all that’s needed is a simple deep clean. As we go through life – eating, drinking and (maybe) smoking – teeth tend to pick up stains. 

Staining of the enamel (the tooth’s hard outer surface) is what most patients with discoloured teeth have. The good news is, these can usually be removed through cleaning, taking you back to your original colour.

Book in for a professional clean and your teeth will be cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler. This can scrape away stains, as well as plaque and tartar around your gum line and between your teeth. Next, your teeth will be polished using ‘Airflow’, a powerful combination of water, air and bicarbonate powder. The result is a shiny, sparkling clean smile!

Price from: €60

  • Teeth whitening

If your teeth are free of stains and tartar but you still dislike the colour, you brighten your natural shade with professional whitening. Ocean Dental Marbella offers an in-clinic treatment that is completed in one hour.

It provides effective whitening but without added heat or light, which can be drying and cause sensitivity. You can enhance results with a take-home tray that is used for the next 3 days after the in-house session.

Whitening isn’t the answer for everyone (it won’t change the colour of crowns or veneers or fix uneven tooth colour) but, if you’re a good candidate, it can lighten your teeth by a few shades. And you can “top up” at home every three to four months to keep your smile bright.

Price from: €350

  • No prep veneers

No prep veneers are a special type of veneer that can be made and applied in a short period of time with little need to alter your natural tooth structure. Because they’re ultra-thin, they can often simply be placed over your existing tooth to instantly transform its appearance. 

No prep veneers are perfect for fixing teeth that are misshapen, chipped or crooked and can even be used to close gaps in your smile. Or perhaps you have a tooth that is discoloured from the inside (maybe due to damage or decay)? Ultra-thin veneers are ideal for changing the colour and making them match the rest of your teeth

But no prep veneers are not only for small fixes – they can be used if you want a total smile makeover or to dramatically change the colour of your teeth. These veneers can usually be created and fitted in just two visits, sometimes in the space of two weeks (with minimal pain or inconvenience). Book your appointment now!

Price from: €520 each

  • Same-day CEREC crowns

Do you have a broken, chipped or crumbling tooth that’s ruining your smile? You might think you’ll have to have a painful extraction or costly implant to fix it but same-day CEREC crowns offer a straightforward, immediate solution.

The crowns fit over your broken tooth, completely covering it and providing protection. This prevents it from breaking any further and means you don’t have to have the tooth removed. We use computer imaging to design a crown that fits in perfectly with the rest of your teeth and restores your smile.

The crown is milled in the clinic in a high-tech milling machine – it can be done in a single morning and then fitted directly to your tooth. CEREC crowns also save you from having to endure messy putty impressions and uncomfortable temporary crowns while you wait for the laboratory to finish making the definitive one. Once your crown is in place you can go straight out and party! 

Price from: €500

  • Teeth contouring

Another quick fix that can take your smile to the next level is dental contouring. Dental Contouring is a simple and painless reshaping procedure in which the tooth structure is reshaped with finely ground diamonds. 

The dentist acts like a mastercraftsman, carving and refining your teeth so they are perfectly shaped. The procedure can fix small chips and help bring uneven teeth into alignment. If any teeth are slightly too long they can be gently filed shorter, while ridged teeth can be polished smooth. 

In just a single one-hour visit, you can increase the uniformity of your smile and enjoy significant improvements in appearance. That said, contouring is limited to making small changes but for suitable candidates it can make a big difference. 

Price from: from €150

  • Cosmetic tooth bonding

If you don’t have the cash for veneers, and perhaps have a number of teeth that need work, cosmetic bonding could be the answer. Cosmetic bonding uses the same material used for white fillings but on the outside of the teeth. 

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Imagine it like a tooth-coloured cement that can be used to fill gaps, fix chips or mask discoloured teeth. It’s quick and easy to apply and is a great option to hide teeth imperfections. You can even completely cover the front facing of a tooth with this resin material, creating a composite veneer that blends with the surrounding teeth.

Little or no tooth structure needs to be removed to allow the composite resin to adhere to the tooth, so it’s a pain-free and minimally invasive solution. Best of all, it can be done in a single visit. Cosmetic bonding typically lasts between two to five years before needing to be touched up, so you can feel good for many Christmases to come.

Price from: €150 per tooth

Get a cracker of a smile in time for Christmas – contact Ocean Dental Marbella to book your appointment.