Ocean Clinic’s Cosmetic Dentist The Smile Designer!

Dr. Nina heads the dental team at the prestigious plastic and aesthetic
Ocean Clinic – She is passionate about dentistry and has been practicing
for over 20 years and is excited about the innovative changes in dentistry
and digital technology in the 21st century! Dr. Nina is a registered UK
specialist in prosthodontics, dealing with health, harmony, function and
aesthetics. She exclusively focuses on creating beautiful smiles on healthy
foundations that give people confidence and uses Digital smile Design
technology for new patients.Her aim is to deliver pain-free dentistry,
in a comfortable, friendly environment and build caring relationships
and trust with our patients that lasts a lifetime.– Ocean Clinic.

Love Your Smile Again!

Your Journery in

Step 1

We will have a consultation interview to discover what aspects of your smile you want to improve. Our team will take digital photos and videos of your teeth and entire mouth from multiple angles

Step 2

We will then do an in-depth, comprehensive, full mouth examination to assess the clinical situation and identify what aesthetic and necessary changes might be needed to enhance your smile.

Step 3

Next, we will do full mouth digital impression of your teeth. These along with any X-rays will be sent to the DSD planning centre in Madrid. We will then formulate a full dental plan including all modifications on the virtual models.

Step 4

At the second visit, we will have created a highly accurate 3D printed template of your proposed smile which we can actually try in your mouth and take more photos and videos for comparison allowing you to see the results in advance!!!

Step 5

We’ll go through possible treatment plans with you, using the digitally created “mock-up” to help you understand exactly what is required; thus allowing you to participate fully in the design of your own smile!

Step 6

DSD consultation complete! Once you’re happy, it´s time to go ahead and book treatment. We will use your approved digital design/plan to ensure results are predictable, accurate and delivered as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Your smile and YOU

Many of our patients feel that their smile does not truly reflect who they are. At the Ocean clinic, we understand how we can truly change people’s lives by giving them the confidence to smile again. We offer a wide range of procedures to correct all your aesthetic issues and give you peace of mind.

Our Promise to you

We know that for many, the dentist is not a favorite place to visit. Yet so many people are embarrassed about their smile but nervous about taking the next step to do something about it.

Having confidence in your smile is such a powerful thing for someone’s self -esteem, and we see how being able to deliver that to someone really changes their whole demeanor. We promise to listen carefully and respectfully to what you want and always present different options in a way that you can understand.We are transparent with our prices and focused on meeting your expectations.We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and always strive to make your dental experience a positive and rewarding one!