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What is Digital Smile Design?

The digital smile design technique was developed in response to new patient demands and aesthetic expectations. We fully understand that patients want to see the result of their treatment before starting it. Therefore, the dentist practicing DSD is not just a dental specialist, but a “Smile Designer”, ready to achieve the right balance to our patients faces.

Patients want beautiful smiles that are integrated with their physical characteristics, but also in harmony with their personality. In other words, you want your smile to look like YOU!
Digital Smile Design (DSD) concept is one of the most modern, patient-centered design approaches available to treatment planning. DSD offers a completely personalized experience because every smile is as unique as you are.
Video and pictures are studied along with virtual patient models to create the desired smile. 3D printing is then used to convert this virtual design into an actual trial mock-up which we can try in your mouth. You can smile, talk and evaluate to ensure this proposed new smile is fulfilling their aesthetic expectations.
Digital designing is always done in conjunction with a full clinical examination and records. This way we can deliver a realistic treatment plan with viable options to ensure predictable results.
It’s not just advanced imaging but a complete, clinical design process to provide a true simulation for an accurate, final result .which you help us co-create!

Get a glimpse of your new smile! Get in touch today for your digital smile design consultation,
and together, we can bring a smile to your face.